For over 60 years Sartron has been producing magnetic circuits for a range of manufacturing applications. Our customers have come to rely on Sartron magnetics for critical scenarios. When guaranteed success is essential, go local, go American, go Sartron.

Sartron provides over 5,000 custom designed magnetic components. These include transformers for power, audio, flyback, and regulating applications. Inductors for filtering and sensing applications. Coils for solenoid and electromagnetic applications. Ferrites and air coils - encapsulated, shielded, and open frame - power transformers to 50.0 KVA and more.

Sartron has deep experience in the development of magnetic components in aerospace, defense, medical and audio applications.

We maintain a complete staff of highly-trained engineers and designers who can take a product from concept to completion. Our extensive expertise allows Sartron staff to advise on the most appropriate characteristics for a specific application. We work with customers to reduce costs while maximizing component reliability and longevity. We understand defense and aerospace projects, and how to navigate those development programs. Sartron's quality assurance program meets the requirements of MIL-I-45208.

For information, engineering assistance or competitive quotes email our customer service department. We also welcome your call. (503) 538-3191


Manufacturers of Quality Circuits, Transformers, Inductors and Coils.